Another success before the Supreme Administrative Court

We are pleased to announce a litigation success before the Supreme Administrative Court in the case that BSJP had been handling since 2014.

Our law firm represented an Austrian company from the leasing industry. The dispute with the tax authorities was related to the return of a part of the VAT after settlement of a corrective invoice issued as a result of early termination of a company leasing agreement.  Additional difficulty in this case was the fact that the lessee had declared bankruptcy.

After almost 8 years, the BSJP experts led to a favourable judgment for our Client, enabling it to recover a VAT refund worth million.

The case before the Supreme Administrative Court was concluded by our advocate and taxadvisorRafał Lewandowski, and, for the last few years, our tax advisorAndrzej Malinowskiwas also involved in the proceedings in question.

The won case was featured in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and Rzeczpospolita.