BDO Register: Obligatory registration of companies by the end of the year

It is until 31 December 2019 that the entrepreneurs who introduce, among others, packaged products to market and manage waste must sign up into the BDO Register (Poland’s database on waste). The legislator has provided for severe penalties for those who fail to meet the obligation to register within the deadline.

BDO Register: What is it?

The BDO Register stands for “the register of entities marketing products and products in packaging, and managing waste”. It allows to collect and manage information relating to waste management. The register is also intended to serve the purposes of maintaining waste records and reporting. The register is an integral part of the database of products, packaging and waste management policy, the so-called BDO.

Who is obliged to register in the BDO?

It is mandatory for a company to register with the BDO if the company:

  • produces, transports, collects or processes waste and is obliged to maintain waste records,
  • introduces into the territory of Poland products in packaging, tyres, lubricating oils, lubricating preparations, certain vehicles, batteries or accumulators, electric and electronic devices,
  • produces, imports or purchases packaging from the EU,
  • operates retail or wholesale units, which offer plastic shopping bags, covered by a recycling fee,
  • picks up municipal waste,
  • runs a point for the selective collection of municipal waste,
  • acts as a waste dealer or waste broker.

PLEASE NOTE: Entities whose business activity is subject to registration have to be entered into the Register prior to the commencement of said activity.

How to register?

The Register is maintained by the marshal of the voivodship. In order to enter the company into the Register, one needs to fill in the application available on the BDO website (, and next, submit it with the marshal’s office competent for one’s place of business (this can be done electronically). Deadline for this is until 31 December 2019. The marshal has 30 days to enter the company into the Register. The registration fee for micro-enterprises and other entities is PLN 100 and 300 respectively.


A failure to register on time may result in, among others, an administrative financial penalty ranging from five thousand to one million zloty, imprisonment or fine.

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