Brainy marketing: Janina Ligner-Żeromska on how to use copyrights, trademarks and image rights in advertising

Partner at BSJP law firm
adwokat Janina Ligner-Żeromska

and Konfederacja Lewiatan

are happy to invite you to the seminar:

Brainy marketing: 
How to consciously use copyrights, trademarks and image rights in advertising?
which will take place on 20 November 2015 in Warsaw.
Focusing on the legal basis of PR and marketing activities, the training is addressed to, first and foremost, companies' legal, PR and marketing departments as well as advertising agencies. 

The seminar will be organized around issues pertaining to the terms of using someone's image (to include famous persons, deceased as well), trademarks, music, quotations, research, architectural structures, photographs etc. The seminar will answer questions on how to safely and legally obtain rights to the aforementioned works and how to best secure company's interests when entering into agreements.

The discussion provides as well for the new means of communication such as the Internet and social media.

Feel welcome to join us at the seminar.



Subject to availability