BSJP lawyers are co-authors of ADVOC's "Guide to International Real Estate Investment"

The international network of independent law firms ADVOC, which affiliates 94 members in 70 countries across the globe, has published a pocket guide to commercial real estate market in thirteen selected jurisdictions.

The chapter discussing Poland was prepared by the experts from BSJP law firm - Dr Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa, attorney, Partner at BSJP and Head of the Banking & Finance practice group and Dr Jörn Brockhuis, Rechtsanwalt, Managing Partner at BSJP, where he leads the Real Estate practice group.

The Polish section of the report provides information on, inter alia, types of property rights to land and buildings in Poland, rules of acquisition of real property, types of necessary permits and approvals as well as tax issues.

Feel free to read through the chapter on Poland. Get the full report here.

For more information on the report, please contact Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa or Jörn Brockhuis.