Conference: IT system implementation contracts – legal and practical aspects

Join us virtually on 20 and 21 May 2021 for the next edition of the "Implementation contracts for IT systems – legal and practical aspects" conference organized by Puls Biznesu. The event will focus on the analysis of processes related to the management and performance of contracts in IT sector and the implementation of IT systems.

Among the speakers is BSJP's Marcin Kroll, who will discuss the possible ways and consequences of exiting from an IT system implementation contract. During his panel, he will address the following issues:

  • Does exiting a contract always mean failure? Why should one plan for a contract exit already at the very beginning of the cooperation?
  • How important are the subject matter of the contract and the implementation model?
  • Typical causes of contract exit for the ordering party and the contractor
  • Ways of exiting a contract
  • Consequences of exiting a contract: settlements, rights, liability
  • How to divorce wisely? An exit plan

A detailed conference programme can be found HERE.