Conference: Review of the Public Procurement Law

Over the last days of May, a conference of the Public Procurement Law Association was held at the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw, which offered a chance to discuss two years of the functioning of the new PPL and the results of the report Rewizja ustawy Prawo Zamówień Publicznych - kluczowe postulaty legislacyjne Stowarzyszenia ("Review of the Public Procurement Law - key legislative postulates of the Association"). The conclusions in the report were discussed by the Association's representatives to the attendees, among whom was also Jarosław Sroka.

As a co-author of the report, the BSJP | bnt expert discussed the postulates in the area of public procurement contracts, raising in particular the issues of solutions aimed at ensuring a better balance between the parties and an adequate distribution of contractual risks.

The report presented at the Conference can be found HERE.