Construction and Law. A blog for the participants of the investment process

How to draw up a sound subcontracting contract? How to avoid disputes with the investor and is it worth entering into settlements? Are the FIDIC Conditions of Contract incompliant with the Polish law? These and other questions are answered by the authors of "Construction and Law", a portal launched with the participants of the investment process in mind: general contractors and subcontractors, investors, to include public entities. 

"Construction and Law" is created by experts at BSJP and edited by Alicja Mizerska - a legal counsel with many years' expertise in the area of construction investment law in Poland. The idea for the blog came as a result of the issues and challenges encountered by the lawyers as faced by the parties to contracts for construction works, to include problems connected with application of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract in Poland. What is more, the blog features articles covering the application of the broadly understood construction law and public procurement law. 

The authors declare: "Our aim is for the portal to become a platform through which we can share our passion and experience, and at the same time broaden our knowledge in respect of the up-to-date issues relating to implementation of construction projects in Poland. We are open to any comments with regard to what is published on the portal and await suggestions as to the topics to be discussed here."

Feel welcome to read through the blog, contact us using an interactive contact form and take an active part in creating the portal by commenting on the texts we publish. All articles are available in Polish, English and German.

For more information on the construction investment law in Poland please contact Alicja Mizerska at