Corporate governance. Differences between Poland and Sweden

Swedish companies considering setting up their business activity in Poland should learn about a specific nature of Polish corporate law, which is significantly different from the applicable provisions in Scandinavian countries. The same refers to the Polish entrepreneurs who need to be prepared to operate within new legal realities before expansion to Sweden.

Together with the Swedish-Polish Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm, we would like to invite you to take part in a seminar devoted to the differences between Polish and Swedish corporate law. BSJP’s Dag Nilsson (Partner) will introduce the most important provisions to the participants of the event.

During the meeting, Mr. Nilsson is going to explain, i.a:

  • The types of business entities existing in Poland and in Sweden.
  • What kind of corporate bodies govern a company in a given country and to what extent.
  • The way the decision-making and liability issues of the corporate bodies towards companies, owners, creditors and other stakeholders, as well as tax, social security and insolvency liability are shaped.
  • What steps are required to reduce possible legal risks.

On the basis of a practical case study, Mr. Nilsson is going to present specific solutions and answer the attendees’ questions.

Apart from BSJP, the partners of the event are: The Swedish Embassy in Warsaw, Business Sweden, the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw and the Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Gdańsk.

The seminar is going to take place on 9 June 2022 in Stockholm and will be streamed online. Please clickHERE to learn more about the event.