Economy and Law in Eastern Europe: 125. revision of WiRO by C.H. Beck publishing house

Handbuch Wirtschaft und Recht in Osteuropa (Economy and Law in Eastern Europe, WiRO), is a collective work, the particular revisions of which are regularly published by C.H. Beck publishing house.

Addressed to western investors and others alike, WiRO comes as a guidebook with replaceable pages, which provides information on changes of the economic and legal conditions in the following ten states of Central and Eastern Europe:

- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Poland
- Romania
- Russia
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- Czech Republic
- Ukraine
- Hungary

The chief editor of the part pertaining to Poland is Dr. Jörn Brockhuis of BSJP law firm. 

In the 125. revision of WiRO (in part pertaining to Poland), chapters on commercial law, cartel law, procedural law, arbitration law, enforcement and bankruptcy law, have been comprehensively edited and amended. Also, numerous changes have been implemented into the act on combating unfair commercial practices. In respect of commercial law, one will find new regulations on paying up share capital when making entry into the register, on the composition of the Supervisory Board as well as on the obligations of the Management Board towards the Tax Office.  The provisions of the cartel law have been adjusted to the EU directive relating to cooperation in respect of consumer protection issues, which directive confirms change in the definition of an entrepreneur. 
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