French Desk meeting regarding EU regulations on AI

On 17 May 2023, a meeting of lawyers from the French Desk team at BSJP | bnt took place in order to discuss the upcoming EU regulations regarding artificial intelligence:

  • a draft Regulation on artificial intelligence,
  • a directive dealing with non-contractual liability for artificial intelligence.

The new regulations were discussed by dr Ewa Boryczko, mec. Andrzej Załęski, mec. Maciej Jura, mec. Aleksandra Wylecioł oraz mec. Jerzy Krypel.

The meeting opened with a discussion of the proposed EU regulations on artificial intelligence. We analysed the current (after amendments by the respective presidencies) proposed draft Regulation on artificial intelligence. We also took the opportunity to look at the potential impact on legal practice and business activities. 

Next, we focused on the Polish strategy on AI development and compared it with similar initiatives taken by the EU Member States, especially France. We exchanged information on government plans and investments in the field of AI, and discussed possible challenges that may result from the harmonisation of Polish legislation with EU regulations (this particularly concerned the aforementioned Directive).

Another topic that we addressed was the relevance of artificial intelligence for different areas of economy. Our main focus was human resources management, analysing the potential benefits and challenges of AI usage in recruitment processes, talent management and employee assessment. In addition, we also discussed the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence, including data privacy and the potential impact on the labour market. 

We closed the meeting by summarising our conclusions and establishing a plan for further steps to help our clients implement the upcoming legislation.

Should you have any questions regarding any legal aspects of using AI in your company, please do not hesitate to contact Ewa Boryczko, PhD (