Interview with Maciej Kuropatwiński for Die Unabhängige Immobilien-Redaktion

"Despite the on-going upward trend in the prices of agricultural real estate in Poland, we are still way behind the UE-15 states. As of 30 April, a number of wide-scale restrictions on land purchases in Poland will be introduced. The restrictions in question will apply to the citizens and entrepreneurs of Poland as well as the citizens and entrepreneurs of the EU member states. It is difficult to assess what impact this might have on the prices."

In an interview with Walter Senk, creator of the Austrian platform Die Unabhängige Immobilien-Redaktion, legal counsel and partner at BSJP Maciej Kuropatwiński discusses the agricultural real estate market in Poland in the light of the Community arrangements, in particular the end of the 12-year transitional period, which Poland had negotiated while accessing the EU.

Investors interested in agricultural land in Poland will learn what elements shape the local market, what are the administrative restrictions on the agricultural real estate turnover in Poland and what the new act adopted by the Polish parliament would mean to them.

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