Janina Ligner-Żeromska among "Known women experts

Janina Ligner-Żeromska, attorney | partner at BSJP, has been distinguished in the "Known woman experts" social campaign, with her profile being featured in an interactive women experts' database available at


The purpose of the campaign is to increase female representation in news and political commentary programs, especially those dealing with the economics, and at strategic economic conferences covered by Polish and foreign media. The beneficiaries of those activities will be not only women experts from, inter alia, different scientific institutions, advisory companies, public administration but also women chairing management and supervisory boards in companies, especially those operating in areas of key importance to Poland such as energy, finances or new technologies.

The campaign's key element will be an interactive women experts' directory thanks to which editors of political commentary programs, journalists and conference organizers will have online access to a data base being successively developed, containing public statements of women from different areas of science, administration and economy.