Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa is co-author of a book on material loan collaterals

On 22 June in Vienna, Facultas publishing house officially launched a book entitled "Material loan collaterals in insolvency in Central and Eastern Europe" [original title: "Dingliche Kreditsicherheiten in der Insolvenz in Mittel- und Osteuropa"]. Dr. Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa, attorney-at-law and partner at BSJP, is co-author of the chapter on Poland.

The publication crowns the two-year research project conducted by the Research Institute for CEE Legal Studies (FOWI) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and deals with the practical issues related to loan collaterals in insolvency in the CEE region. 

Under the project in question, researchers examined the standing of the creditors secured with material loan collaterals in debtor's insolvency proceedings in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary.

In all jurisdictions examined there are numerous new regulations in civil and insolvency law, which, on one hand, were introduced under amendments to civil law in countries affected by the reform, and which, on the other hand, were drawn up as a reaction to the economic crisis in order to amend the insolvency law.

The chapter entitled "Loan collaterals in insolvency in Poland. Legal standing of the secured creditors" was written by Dr. Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa (BSJP) and Dr. Romana Cierpial-Magnor (FOWI).

Read through the contents of the chapter here.

The book was published by Facultas publishing house and is available for purchase in the Faultas online bookstore.

For more information on the publication in question and material loan collaterals in real estate projects in Poland, please contact Dr Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa (katarzyna.domanska-moldawa@bsjp.pl).