Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa is co-author of article "Creditors secured with material collaterals under the new Polish bankruptcy law"

Wirtschaft und Recht in Osteuropa WiRO 2016, Volume 12, pp. 353-364 features an article entitled "Creditors secured with material loan collaterals under the new Polish bankruptcy law", the co-author of which is BSJP's Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa.

Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa*, supported by co-author Romana Cierpial-Magnor, proves that in the event of business failure, the legal regulation of loan collaterals has significant influence on the standing and behaviour of company's creditors and partners in the period preceding the announcement of bankruptcy.

The latest amendment to the Polish insolvency law which entered into force on 1 January 2016 (Journal of Laws from 2016, item 233) follows the amendments implemented to other European jurisdictions. By way of amending the provisions of the reorganization law and implementing up-to-date solutions, the legislator allowed for preserving of the indebted company yet with no harm to the creditors.

The article, amongst other things, explains the procedure in accordance with the new regulation and the legal status of the secured creditors. 

The journal is published by C.H.Beck publishing house and is available for purchase in C.H.Beck's online bookstore.

For more information on the publication in question and material loan collaterals in Poland, please contact Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa (katarzyna.domanska-moldawa@bsjp.pl).

* Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa is an attorney and a banking & finance and real estate law specialist with focus on project finance, real estate finance and loan collaterals.