Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa is co-author of article "Recovery and reorganization proceedings in Poland"

On 22 November 2016, the European Commission introduced a proposal for a directive on preventive restructuring frameworks, second chance and measures to increase the efficiency of restructuring, insolvency and discharge procedures [COM/2016/0723]. Its aim is to allow viable enterprises with economic difficulties to access preventive restructuring measures, irrespective of the Member State in which they are seated.

Wirtschaft und Recht in Osteuropa WiRO 2018, Volume 12, pp. 353-358 features an article entitled "Recovery and reorganization proceedings in Poland and the EU proposal for a directive on preventive restructuring frameworks - part 1", the co-authors of which are BSJP's Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa and Romana Cierpial-Magnor (FOWI Institute, Vienna).

The journal is published by C.H.Beck publishing house and is available for purchase in C.H.Beck's online bookstore.

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For more information on the publication in question as well as recovery and reorganization proceedings in Poland, please contact Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa (katarzyna.domanska-moldawa@bsjp.pl).