Łódź: Janina Ligner-Żeromska to speak at the Data and Information Protection Convention 2016

Janina Ligner-Żeromska
is happy to invite you to


to take place on 15 November 2016 at the Łódź Special Economic Zone.

The Data and Information Protection Convention is one of the most recognized events in the industry, which enjoys a constantly growing reputation. 

This year the visitors from the world of business, science, law and administration are meeting to discuss data and information protection issues, in particular in the context of the upcoming significant amendments introduced by the new EU law.

The 5th edition of the Convention introduces a different formula of the event. Next to the general part comprising lectures, the participants will be invited to join data protection experts at ten theme tables.

BSJP's Janina Ligner-Żeromska, a specialist in the field of intellectual and industrial property as well as media and new technologies will be the host at the table entitled "Sanctions for violation of data protection: The new approach".

The key issues to be discussed at Janina's table are, amongst others:
  • the new, teleological philosophy of determining the obligations of data processor and data controller
  • the unified catalogue of violations in the EU as provided for by the General Data Protection Regulation 
  • types of sanctions and the conditions of imposing them
  • the scope of freedom of the EU Member States 

Janina will talk you through the topics and next try to answer all your queries relating to, but not only, data protection.

For more information on the Convention and for registration details please go to: http://konwentodo.pl/.

Feel welcome to join us at the event.