Łódź: Monika Susałko to speak at the Data and Information Protection Convention

Legal counsel at BSJP
Monika Susałko

is happy to invite you to


to take place on 17 November 2017 at the Łódź Special Economic Zone. The main focus will be on the amendments introduced by the EU law on personal data protection.

After five editions, the Data and Information Protection Convention is one of the most recognized events in the industry, which enjoys a constantly growing reputation.

The 6th edition of the Convention continues with the last year's formula of the event. Next to the general part comprising lectures, the participants will be invited to join data protection experts at twelve theme tables.

Monika Susałko, a specialist in IT and new technologies law, IP law, personal data protection and corporate law will be the host of the discussion panel entitled "Principles of processing and the scope of data. How to put the principle of data minimisation and purpose limitation into practice".

For more information on the Convention and for registration details please go to: http://konwentodo.pl.

Feel welcome to join us at the event.