New law on remote working

For quite some time, the legislator has been promising major changes to the Labour Code, primarily regulating remote working. The so-called home office, despite being very common since the pandemic, has so far not received a complex legal regulation. This is about to change - regulations on remote working have been passed by the Parliament and are awaiting the President's signature.

We have summarised the most important changes that will come into force within two months of the announcement of the Act, for which employers should already prepare now, in our latest legal alert. In it, we have explained when remote working will be allowed, how employers will be able to determine the rules for working away from the office, and we have compiled the most important employer obligations regarding the tools necessary for remote working. In addition, we have discussed the basic rules for controlling work carried out away from the employer's premises.

We invite you to have a look at our alert - you can download it from the attachment below. All information about the upcoming changes will be provided by Ewa Boryczko ( and Aleksandra Wylecioł (


new regulations on remote work.pdf