New Water Law. At the workshop

On 15 and 16 March 2018, during the STORMWATER POLAND 2018 conference in Gdańsk, BSJP's Andrzej Preiss and Maciej Prusak co-hosted with Henryk Jatczak (Wody Polskie) and Andrzej Osiński ( a workshop on the New Water Law.

The workshop gained a lot of interest from the participants of the conference. The participants of the workshop have raised the bar high for the lecturing experts. The inquiries posed by the participants have shown how many problems the new law causes in practice. 

The biggest controversies seem to be raised by the statutory definitions of "water service" and "water device". Most certainly, it is the new operator, i.e. Wody Polskie, that can do a lot so as to avoid potential disputes in the future, by way of properly interpreting the provisions of the New Water Law, so that it is indisputable how in practice one needs to apply the provisions concerning a water service consisting in a reduction of the natural ground retention resulting from works on a real estate with its area exceeding 3500 m2 or locating construction facilities permanently fixed to the ground, once we are dealing with a reduction of retention by way of exclusion of more than 70% of real estate area from the soft landscaped area on areas not equipped in an open or closed sewage system. The participants of the conference were very sensitive on this subject and uncertain about their conclusions after reading the new provisions.

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