Public procurement in IT industry

BSJP law firm took substantive patronage over the conference organized by Puls Biznesu on 30 March 2015 dedicated to public procurement in IT industry.

Jarosław Sroka, Janina Ligner-Żeromska and Kamila Nieśpielak spoke at the all-day-long Public procurement in IT industry conference organized by the editorial team of Puls Biznesu at Polonia Palace Hotel in Warsaw. 

At the conference, there have been comprehensively discussed the issues connected with performance of public contracts in the IT sector. Particular attention has been given to the problem of the non-discriminatory description of the object of tender, protection of enterprise's trade secret information in IT projects and the correct shaping of the provisions of contract, which provisions would take into account both the nature and needs of the market.

At the conference, there have also been presented new solutions adopted under the recent amendment to the public procurement law act and their possible impact on the position of contractors in the IT industry. Also, the rules of using measures of appeal available under the said act have been discussed in detail. 

Conference program