Theme breakfast with AHK

Partners at BSJP
Antonina Kęsek-Garschynska / radca prawny
Przemysław Fil / biegły rewident

are happy to invite you to a theme breakfast:

"Newest case law in practice and the 2016 amendments to taxes and the accounting act" and "Amendment to the labour law in respect of fixed-term contracts"

which will take place on 26 April 2016 (at 10:00 a.m.) in Sopot (Sheraton Hotel).

The first part of the event will be held by Przemysław Fil, who will discuss tax and accounting issues pertaining to, inter alia:
  • practical tax problems connected with case law and interpretations in the year 2016; 
  • amendments to the income tax and the accounting act, which come into force in 2016. 
In the second part of the event, Antonina Kęsek-Garschynska, expert in the field of labour law, will present: 
  • the new rules of concluding fixed-term contracts with the same employee, in force as from 22 February 2016, to include the maximum term for which a fixed-term contract may be concluded
  • legal effects of concluding the fourth fixed-term contract; 
  • exceptions permitting the conclusion of a bigger number of fixed-term contracts, for a term longer than 33 months. 


The event is co-organized by BSJP law firm and the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce AHK.

Feel welcome to join us in Sopot.