Training in Hagen: Liability of management board members and holders of commercial PoA in Polish capital companies

Partner at BSJP

Christoph Garschynski, Rechtsanwalt / legal counsel,

 is pleased to invite you to a seminar:

 “Liability of management board members and holders of commercial power of attorney (prokura) in Polish capital companies”

to take place on 24 May 2019 in Hagen (Germany).

The aim of the training is to present and explain the basic regulations of Polish labour law which are of significance for management board members and managers during day-to-day business management practices.

The program of the seminar covers:

Management and representation of the company:

  • legal position and liability of board members,
  • independent and joint representation,
  • internal/external ratio of representation,
  • the effectiveness of the division of tasks among board members.

Liability for damage to the company / third parties:

  • the basis for claims (statutory / contractual),
  • the significance of the bye-laws of the Management Board / employment contract of a board member.

Liability in case of financial difficulties of the company:

  • false information in the declaration of share capital coverage,
  • liability for illegal payments to shareholders.

Impact of granting a discharge to a board member in respect of their liability for damage caused to the company.

Selected liability issues on the grounds of labour law:

  • representing the company in respect of labour law.

Liability on the grounds of tax law:

  • liability of third parties (e.g. board members) for tax obligations of the capital company in accordance with the tax code,
  • criminal liability on the grounds of the Penal and Fiscal Code.

Criminal liability on the grounds of tax law for a breach of obligations in respect of accounting law.

The training is organised in cooperation with the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce AHK.