Warsaw: Seminar on "Methods to prevent and resolve corporate disputes"

Lawyers of BSJP
attorney-at-law Katarzyna Reszczyk-Król and legal counsel Jan Maciejewski

are happy to invite you to the seminar:

Methods to prevent and resolve corporate disputes,

o take place on 9 February 2017 in Warsaw in co-operation with Konfederacja Lewiatan. 

The aim of the seminar is to present to persons handling corporate law matters, in particular shareholders, stockholders, members of company bodies, the problem of corporate disputes in companies, to include presenting the possible legal instruments limiting the occurrence of disputes and the strategies for solving such disputes.

At the seminar, the following will be discussed, amongst others:
  • instruments to limit the occurrence of disputes between the participants in the company and the deadlock in the decision-making process of the company bodies; 
  • selected examples of corporate disputes - case study, the perspective of attack and defence.
The seminar will be concluded with a short discussion.



Feel welcome to join us at the seminar.