WEBINAR: Liability of board members and holders of a general commercial power of attorney (prokura) of Polish capital companies

We invite you to a webinar co-organised with the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK). The subject of the on-line meeting will be the liability of board members and holders of a general commercial power of attorney (prokura) of Polish capital companies. The webinar will be conducted by BSJP experts, Maciej PrusakChristoph Garschynski and tax advisor Monika Utrata.

During the first part of the webinar, Christoph Garschynski will discuss the most important issues of liability under commercial law, including, among others, management and representation of the company, liability for damage to the company and third parties as well as liability in the event of financial difficulties of the company. In the further part, the legal counsel will address the issues of liability regulated by labour law. The expert will focus on labour law obligations and sanctions for their non-fulfilment as well as on hiring a board member on the basis of a contract of employment.

The next part of the webinar will be conducted by Monika Utrata, who will address fiscal issues. The tax advisor will explain the notion of tax liability of third parties for the tax arrears of a capital company, the scope and duration of the management board’s tax liability and the conditions for management board’s liability along with the liability exclusion clause.

The on-line meeting will end with a panel hosted by Maciej Prusak, devoted to criminal issues and auxiliary liability of a board member for the payment of a fine. In this part, the attorney will present the definition of criminal auxiliary liability on the examples of the most frequent crimes, and will also address the issue of the rights of an auxiliarily liable party in the proceedings for a fiscal offence. He will also answer questions about the liability of board members in the event that the company goes bankrupt and explain what possibilities there are so as to secure a board member in case of auxiliary liability.

The webinar (in German) will take place on 19 June 2020. Full agenda and registration details are available HERE.