WEBINAR: Simple termination of employment contracts – practical tips for managers

We would like to invite you to join an online training organized by the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce AHK, which will be conducted by our attorney-at-law Joanna Wcisło-Jaśkowska, a labour law specialist at BSJP.

During the training we are going to discuss possible reasons for termination of the employment contracts, as well as the period of notice in accordance with the applicable provisions of Polish law. In addition, Joanna Wcisło-Jaśkowska is going to explain which selection criteria should be taken into account when terminating such an agreement and the scope of protection of an employee against redundancy. The training will also cover issues regarding severance pay and practical tips on how to avoid mass redundancy procedures. Moreover, Joanna Wcisło-Jaśkowska is going to explain in detail how and when an employer may introduce a voluntary redundancy scheme and what protective measures members of the management board can and should take in the event of auxiliary liability.

The training will be conducted in German. Please click HERE for the detailed program and registration form.