"WIND ENERGY IN POLAND 2015" press conference

2015 is the groundbreaking year for the renewable energy sector. With the entry into force of the RES Act, as of 2016 the rules for awarding support for renewable energy sources will change. A fundamental change in the philosophy of financing further development of RES portfolio is occurring, from the quite generous yet unstable system of certificates to a cheaper formula which offers lower but more predictable support in the auction model.

On 19 November 2015, at Centrum Prasowe PAP, a press conference was held with the participation of the representatives of the nation-wide media. The conference was dedicated to the launch the 7th edition of the "Wind Energy in Poland" report, the co-authors of which are the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency PAIiIZ, TPA Horwath consultancy and BSJP law firm.

At the conference, Dominik Sołtysiak, partner at BSJP and a specialist in the field of energy law, presented some practical observations on the Act on Renewable Energy Sources. 

At the moment, the report presented at the conference comes as the only, and widely recognized with the representatives of the industry, comprehensive study of wind energy in Poland. In the 7th edition of the report, there are thoroughly analyzed both the existing support scheme based on the green certificates and the new auction model, under which the first auction should be organized in 2016. The report describes the situation of the market, legal conditions, possibilities of support and risks awaiting developers and investors in this sector. 

Feel free to read through the full version of the "Wind Energy in Poland 2015" report.

The patron of the issue is the Polish Wind Energy Association, while the media patronage was assumed by PTWP Group, the publisher of e.g. Nowy Przemysł and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

For more information, please contact Dominik Sołtysiak at dominik.soltysiak@bsjp.pl