WINDENERGIETAGE 2016: At the fair

Lawyers of BSJP law firm, Dominik Sołtysiak and Maciej Prusak, are participating in the 25th wind energy fair in Potsdam "WINDENERGIETAGE 2016".
Our stand enjoys high recognisability among German companies active on the Polish market. The BSJP brand is associated by the German investors with continuous presence on the Polish market and a vast consulting expertise. 

German players of the renewable energy sector keep expressing concerns over the changes in the Polish energy market. Fortunately, people working for German entities still believe in the power and possibilities of Polish renewable energy and that the diversion from wind energy in Poland is only a temporary change in direction. Given the potential of our market, German companies do not wish to withdraw from Poland and think of investing in our country - they intend to wait for a critical reflection of the Polish regulatory entity and change of the current energy policy. Our lawyers obtained new Clients at the fair.

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