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Since the firm’s formation in 2001, BSJP has been delivering comprehensive advisory services to German, Austrian and Swiss entrepreneurs doing business in Poland. We are one of the most recognized law firms on the Polish market servicing clients from the German language area in relation to transactional work and their day-to-day operations in Poland.

With Germany being the biggest foreign investor in Poland, we assist German businesses by developing legal solutions which are effective on the grounds of Polish law. We have experts, including dual-qualified ones, who speak fluent German and have excellent knowledge of the German legal system gained at German universities. This is why our team has a deep understanding of the German approach and is able to translate our clients’ needs into the legal intricacies of the Polish market. Our clients include some of the most widely recognized German companies from different sectors, including among others automotive, energy, banking, logistics, manufacturing and retail.

We are a member of the German-Polish Chamber of Commerce AHK, in cooperation with which we regularly conduct seminars, both in Poland and Germany.

Polsko-Niemiecka Izba Przemysłowo Handlowa

Head of practice

Maciej Prusak


  • Dr. Jörn Brockhuis

  • Christoph Garschynski