BSJP Nordic

Thanks to the integration of one of the leading law firms servicing Nordic clients in Poland into BSJP, BSJP offers unique expertise in assisting companies from a wide spectrum of sectors from the Nordic countries in relation to transactional work, business projects, as well as day to day business in Poland. Our work experience with and knowledge of each Nordic business culture and the Polish one, allows us to understand, explain and overcome any existing and perceived differences. Following the Nordic legal services model, we offer solution-oriented thinking and do our best to understand the business context of legal issues we work on and provide clear and unambiguous recommendations. Our clients include several companies listed on the Nordic stock exchanges.

  • Transactional work
  • Negotiation of commercial contracts
  • Market entry
  • Licensing and compliance
  • Dispute resolution
  • In-house outsourcing

Head of practice

Dag Nilsson


  • Maciej KuropatwiƄski

  • Aleksandra Chojnowska