Pro Bono

BSJP | bnt’s social responsibility

At BSJP | bnt, we understand that responsible legal advice goes far beyond the framework of everyday client service. Motivated by a sense of public duty, one of the most important elements of lawyers’ professional ethos is their active and consistent social involvement. Charitable activity and a conscious approach to civic, environmental or health issues are today an essential component of any socially sensitive organisation’s policy.

Recognising the need to support important social initiatives, BSJP | bnt’s experts provide pro bono legal assistance to the following foundations and associations, among others:


Foundation of the Polish Society of Oncological Surgery

The Foundation operates under the Polish Society of Oncological Surgery in Warsaw and was established by professors of the Polish Society of Oncological Surgery in Warsaw. The organization develops and promotes knowledge in the field of oncological surgery, supports and promotes research and scientific studies in the field of health care, focusing in particular on oncological surgery, as well as finances awards and scholarships for persons and entities conducting such researches.

BSJP | bnt law firm provides legal support for the Foundation’s activities and assists the Foundation in achieving these goals from the legal perspective.

We are delighted that BSJP | bnt provides us with legal support – Prof. Józef Kładny MD, PhD, Jacek Kargul MD PhD, the Foundation Board


The “OmeaLife – Breast Cancer Does Not Limit” Foundation

The Foundation was established by four young girls who are breast cancer sufferers themselves. The Foundation supports women who try to combat breast cancer, deals with cancer prevention and actively participates in the treatment process of each patient, providing them with continuous support both during and after the treatment. Not only does the Foundation operate publicly, but also on social media sites, for instance a group on Facebook established by Polish women called Breast Surgery – I am not indifferent, with almost three thousand members – women suffering from breast cancer.

Our law firm has been supporting the Foundation since the beginning of its activity and has been providing legal assistance not only to the Foundation itself, but also to persons under its care within the scope of, among others, compliance with the patient’s rights and access to health services.

The following events are under the patronage of BSJP | bnt: The Pink Beach, opening of the first Polish Breast Cancer Knowledge Center in Gdańsk or Race For The Cure – the biggest sporting event for women’s health in Europe which helps breast cancer organisations to collect funds and raise awareness regarding this disease. In Europe, with a very high number of breast cancer diagnoses, such measures are particularly important.

The support provided by BSJP | bnt enables us to develop – Magda Kardynał, Ewelina Puszkin, the Foundation Board


The “La vie, la vie!” Foundation

The main objective of the “La vie, la vie!” Foundation is to provide education in the field of cancer prevention in women. The Foundation aims to create a new quality support system for former and current cancer patients, as well as women at risk or those whose loved ones struggle with cancer.Furthermore, the Foundation prepares substantial publications and practical guides based on cooperation with medical practitioners and the latest scientific research and treatment developments.

BSJP | bnt is a law firm that helps us in our ongoing activities. We are very satisfied with this support Ania Podeszwa, Foundation Board


The Paweł Murawa Foundation for Polish Surgery and Oncology (CHOP)

The Foundation was established by private entities under the patronage of Prof. Dawid Murawa MD, Ph.D. – President of the Polish Society of Surgical Oncology, Head of the Department of Surgery and Oncology, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Zielona Góra, Regional Consultant for Oncological Surgery in the Lubuskie Voivodship.

The Foundation purchases specialized equipment for hospitals, indispensable in oncological surgery. BSJP | bnt law firm has been providing legal assistance to the Foundation since the beginning of its activity.

We put our trust in BSJP | bnt – Prof. Dawid Murawa MD, PH.D.