Another PTChO congress is now behind us

XXIX Congress of the Polish Society of Oncological Surgery together with the XI Scientific and Training Conference, is behind us. The motto of the Conference of Surgical Oncologists was “Modern cancer treatment - one direction, different methods”.

Participants of the event had the opportunity to listen to almost 40 hours of specialised lectures and panel discussions, including on topics such as liver and parenchymal organ surgery, vacuum-assisted breast biopsy or oesophageal cancer, and to take part in a workshop on TaTME surgical technique with live streaming from the operating theatre.

During the congress, our law firm co-organised a legal session, which attracted great interest. At this session, our experts: advocate Hanna Rubaszewska and attorney-at-law Radosław Rubaszewski, discussed the aspects of safety of the surgeons' profession, advertising opportunities for doctors and threats posed by the currently applicable provisions of law.