BSJP supports the Polish National Oncological Federation

At the invitation of the Polish National Oncological Federation, including its founding member, the OmeaLife Breast Cancer Does Not Limit Foundation, BSJP will participate in the legislative process at the Ministry of Health concerning improvement of the quality of treatment of oncological patients in Poland.

BSJP’s support will be focused in particular on the legal evaluation of:

  • the draft law on the National Oncological Network,
  • drug programs,
  • quality and type of access to medical procedures by oncological patients,
  • primary and secondary prevention of oncological patients.

The Polish National Oncological Federation includes members such as the Alivia Foundation, the OmeaLife Breast Cancer Does Not Limit Foundation, the Rak’n’Roll Foundation, the OnkoCafe Foundation, the Beat Cancer Foundation and other non-governmental organizations supporting oncological patients on a daily basis. The Federation’s objective is to participate in the public debate on the condition of the health care system and to shape solutions affecting prevention, diagnostics and treatment of cancer in Poland.

Attorn. Hanna Rubaszewska (Partner) and attorn. Radosław Rubaszewski (Partner) will participate in the process on behalf of BSJP.