Debate: Amendments to public procurement contracts in times of war, inflation and pandemic

The Public Procurement Law Association together with Wiedza i Praktyka Publishing House have organised a debate on changes to public procurement contracts as a result of the post-pandemic crisis, the war in Ukraine and surging inflation. The event was co-hosted by Mr.  Jarosław Sroka.

During the meeting there was a discussion on problems related to, inter alia:

  • documenting the impact of circumstances related to the occurrence of COVID-19, the war in Ukraine and surging inflation on the due performance of the contract,
  • a possibility to use review clauses,
  • relevance of valorisation clauses,
  • permissibility of contractual modification of the contractor’s remuneration in contracts that do not include a valorisation clause,
  • extra-judicial dispute resolution between contractors and contracting authorities in relation to extraordinary increase in prices and contract performance costs,
  • liability of the contracting authority in light of public finances area for failure to reach a settlement.

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