EECC Conference 2024

On 13 June, the two-day Eastern European Countries’ Committee (EECC) Conference will commence in Cracow. The event is organised by the INSOL Europe, an international organisation of professionals specialising in insolvency and business recovery and reconstruction, to which our experts belong as well.

The main subject of this year's event is “Substance & Form”. During the Conference, other topics are going to be addressed as well, such as the current challenges faced by companies in financial crisis and the role of the country in restructuring and insolvency processes. In addition, updates on the impact of EU sanctions against Russia on insolvency proceedings or the latest trends and possibilities in the field of restructuring and insolvency will also be discussed.

Our representation will not be missing at the meeting. From the Warsaw office of BSJP | bnt, Jarosław Sobstel and Agnieszka Wolny will travel to Kraków, and from the European offices of bnt attorneys in CEE, Stela Ivanova (Bulgaria) will appear.

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