Reference prices for RES Auction 2019 revealed

The Ministry of Energy has announced the regulation on reference prices for RES energy in 2019 and periods binding producers who won RES Auction 2019.

The reference price for the auction basket drawing attention of most investors, i.e. the basket for new wind farms with the capacity exceeding 1 MW, amounts to PLN 285/MWh.

In the same basket, the reference price for PV projects with the capacity exceeding 1 MW is PLN 365/MWh.

For the projects with capacity up to 1 MW, reference prices are determined to PLN 320/MWh for wind farms and PLN 385/MWh for PV projects.

To recall, cut-off prices in RES Auction 2018 for onshore wind farms and PV amounted to PLN 216.99/MWh (capacities exceeding 1 MW) and PLN 364.99/MWh (capacities up to 1 MW).

Regulation available at the following LINK.