Workshops for software houses with our experts

On 7 March 2019, legal counsel Dag Nilsson and attorney-at law and patent attorney Marcin Kroll, both partners at BSJP, conducted workshops for software houses.

During their presentation, the experts have analysed the key issues related to IT contracts, with a particular emphasis on contractor's liability and intellectual property rights.

The opportunity to conduct the workshop came with an invitation to the next edition of the cyclical meetings of Warsaw-based software houses, which meetings constitute a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between tech companies.

We actively and comprehensively support tech companies at every stage of their development, constantly strengthening our firm's competences in this very area. Marcin Kroll's joining to our BSJP IP & Patent department, which offers comprehensive legal assistance to Polish and foreign entities in industrial and intellectual property protection and new technologies law, fits perfectly in this strategy.

For more information on legal services in respect of new technologies and the protection of intellectual property rights, please contact Marcin Kroll (