You can check whether the counterparty paid their taxes

With the beginning of the year, the legislator made it possible for entrepreneurs to verify their business partners in respect of settlements with the tax authorities. 
The entrepreneur, by way of filing an application with the tax authority, may obtain information:
  1. whether their business partner filed or failed to file a tax return or other document, which they were liable to submit under the provisions of the tax law;
  2. whether their business partner included or failed to include in the tax return or other document filed events, to the inclusion of which they were liable under the provisions of the tax law;
  3. whether their business partner is in arrears in the payment of taxes arising out of the tax returns or other document filed under the provisions of the tax law.
In the event of major contracts or uncertainty about the financial standing of the other party to the transaction, it is worth to consider filing an application for an appropriate certificate.

BSJP law firm will be happy to assist with obtaining such a certificate.

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