Corporate, tax and compliance

To medium and large enterprises as well as groups of enterprises we offer comprehensive advisory services in all matters connected with corporate and commercial law, both in respect of their on-going activity and in the event of transactions, M&As and restructuring. We also cover all areas of tax law.

Corporate advisory 

  • Articles of association and by-laws
  • Supervisory board meetings and ordinary and extraordinary shareholders' meetings
  • Litigation of disputes between partners, shareholders, management board members and investors

Corporate transactions

  • Mergers, acquisitions and divisions of companies
  • Disposing of company shares and stock
  • Sale/acquisition of a part of or a whole enterprise

Corporate reorganization and restructuring

  • Bankruptcy and restructuring
  • Creditors' rights
  • Drafting and negotiating of commercial agreements
  • Supporting and representing clients in commercial proceedings
  • Tax advisory for Polish and international entities in the process of creating and developing business in Poland
  • Tax optimization for companies
  • Tax issues connected with CIT, VAT and PIT, incl. advisory to entities operating in special economic zones
  • Advisory to avoid double taxation
  • Transfer prices incl. transfer price policy, drawing up transfer price documentation etc.
  • Tax due diligence in M&A transactions
  • Support in tax investigations
  • Tax-optimal employment models for management
  • Advisory on reclaiming VAT paid in Poland by foreign entities
  • Tax advisory with regard to VAT by the cross-border turnover of goods and services
  • Representation in proceedings before Polish tax authorities and administrative courts
  • Establishing corporate governance rules (incl. advisory on infringements)
  • Trainings in respect of liability of the management board members
  • Internal inspections

Head of practice

Christoph Garschynski


  • Maciej Prusak

  • Christoph Garschynski

  • Krzysztof Kowalczyk

  • Dominik Sołtysiak

  • Katarzyna Domańska-Mołdawa, Ph.D.

  • Przemysław Fil

  • Antonina Kęsek-Garschynska

  • Alina Szarlak

  • Sławomir Soyta

  • Natasza Galuba-Fil

  • Jakub Bogdański

  • Joanna Wcisło-Jaśkowska

  • Agnieszka Wolny

  • Alicja Mizerska

  • Waldemar Glagla

  • Rafał Lewandowski

  • Jan Maciejewski

  • Katarzyna Reszczyk-Król, Ph.D.

  • Elżbieta Domańska

  • Andrzej Preiss

  • Kamila Kościerzyńska

  • Marta Drela

  • Magdalena Standarska

  • Karolina Pyzio, Ph.D.

  • Patrycja Zdanowicz-Pastuszak

  • Maciej Kurek

  • Monika Susałko

  • Grzegorz Gorczyca

  • Dag Nilsson

  • Magdalena Nilsson

  • Grzegorz Wąsiewski, Ph.D.

  • Aleksandra Owczarz

  • Sebastian Knap

  • Wojciech Plesiński

  • Ewa Boryczko, Ph.D.

  • Maciej Jura